Here are some of the letters I have received recently from couples after they have received the photographs I made at their wedding.

Thank you so much for the fabulous out come of the wedding pictures-they are awesome!-capturing all that we had prayed for the day-
we will pour over them for many hours to come, I am sure-reliving what turned out to be a perfect day from all our perspectives.
You were delightful to have in our midst and clearly you knew exactly what you were doing
We’re really grateful and we thank you
blessings on you and yours
Tanja (for both Paul and I)

Where do we begin? How can we even thank you for everything that you have done for our wedding? From the moment that we met you we knew we would be in good hands, but we had no idea how hard you would work to make our wedding look and feel perfect.
Judah and Sarah

Thank you so very much for spending our wedding day with us and capaturing every moment in such beautiful and amazing pictures!
Lauren and Jer

Thank you so much!  I have been spending far too much of my work day looking through all of the amazing pictures!  It’s distracting – all I want to do is look at them.  It seems like you were somehow everywhere at once, and I hardly recall even seeing you!  The pictures are beautiful and even in the candid pictures, I surprisingly look good!  I couldn’t ask for more.

I can’t wait to pick them up.  Are you available Saturday afternoon at all for us to drop by?  Thanks.

Alyson  (of Alyson and Thomas)

Dear Daniel,
Thank you so much for doing such a FANTASTIC JOB. You totally captured the day’s feeling for us. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. The photographs are better than I ever imagined them to be. Thank you for getting them done so quickly. We’ll be in touch about getting some black and white prints.
Lots of Love,
John and Vicky.

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding day so special. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Your talent and dedication is appreciated every time we look at our pictures. Not a day will go by that I do not silently thank you for the wonderful job you did and for taking the time to stay and finish the evening with us. You went above and beyond what any other photographer would have done. It was truly a pleasure to have you there to share those special moments with us.
Thank you again,
Jennifer and Brad Henderson

“WOW! I knew I was going to love our pictures, but I am blown away; they are amazing!!! I am so glad that we had the opportunity to work with you! I really appreciate you getting some of those 4×6’s out in time for our trip!! …Thanks again, you are fabulous and so are the photos!!!”
Ali and Nick

““The pictures are amazing! There are moments captured that will be treasured for our lifetime. And … I LOVE the music you picked for the website … I couldn’t have picked it better myself. Thank you.”
Kelly and Shaun

“Thank you so so much for your wonderful work before and during the wedding. We have no doubt that our photos will be amazing! I received many compliments from guests saying that you were all over the place, getting all kinds of different shots. In addition, I think the greatest fact is that for the most part, I actually didn’t know you were there! I mean that in the best way because I have the tendency to ‘pose’ and you may be the first person to actually get some candid shots of me! :-)”

“In planning our wedding, one of our top priorities was to have an amazing photographer. We knew the day would come and go at lightning speed, and we wanted to be sure our photographs would capture its essence. Our hope was that when we looked at the photos in years to come, we would be able to experience the day all over again. Daniel Sheehan was exactly what we were looking for. He was with us all day, and was gracious, patient, attentive, diligent and never obtrusive. He was a pleasure to have as a part of our wedding experience. Daniel took all the photos we asked him to take and hundreds we never would have thought of. He captured the spirit and beauty of the day and its timeline from start to finish. His creativity and skill are unmatched – each photo is remarkable. When we look back at our wedding photographs, our wedding day truly comes to life– we were simply delighted with his work, and treasure the gift of photographs he provided for us.”
Lisa Chick

“Yes indeed, we looked at all the wedding pictures through my computer and Mr.Daniel we couldn’t ask for a better photographer. You captured everything, literally. Oh my god, it was such a blessing finding your website. Not only you are a great photographer, you’re a wonderful and kind person as well. Mr Daniel, we can’t thank you enough. We truly hope in working with you again perhaps, with our first child or something, LOL… Keep in touch. We love your work, you’re gifted with such an incredible talent. I (Sugar) can’t stop looking at those pictures, it brings back such good memories, you made it such a memorable one.”
Much love and Aloha,
Chris and Sugar

“We just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how thrilled we are with the wedding photos! Since our wedding and reception were held outdoors and the dinner was Italian country style – everyone at big tables under the trees, your documentary style captured the feeling perfectly. All our friends and relatives look so natural and sincerely happy. We planned our wedding to take place in the late afternoon to capture the beautiful end of summer light and your photographs bring back the mood to us at any time. We especially value your experience as a photo journalist – – you managed to maneuver through both events in such an unobtrusive way, no one was intimidated by the camera, so everyone felt and looked so natural in the photos. Especially with jumping through the many levels of our terraced garden, you were warm, gregarious, and gracious with our guests and made everyone feel so comfortable. You also had imaginative suggestions for the shots that were posed, from the pre-wedding activities to the final send off. Thanks again for such valuable and memorable photographs. We will treasure them always.”
Best regards,
Robin and David Chell

“One of my oldest friends got married about five years ago and used Daniel Sheehan of
A Beautiful Day photography to shoot her wedding. He did a beautiful job with many unusual shots and lots of black and white. When I was planning my wedding reception I called her to get her photographers name, and she referred me to Daniel.

We decided to have a black and white masquerade- themed reception on Halloween. Daniel was up for it and he really got into the theme. We asked him to take a lot of candid party shots, which he did and you can almost feel how much fun the party was when you look at the pictures they are incredible! One guy at the party said it was like having the paparazzi there but in an un-intrusive way. I would agreeDaniel seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Fantastic!

We requested that we have a photo booth set up to take formal pictures of all the guests and our families. Even though Daniel had not done one before he set it up and brought in an assistant and we ended up with THE MOST beautiful portraits of everyone at our event. The nice thing was that our guests were able to go to his web site afterwards and purchase their portraits. With everyone in formal attire the photo booth was a hit. It had probably been a very long time since most of the people at our party had formal pictures taken. Everyone really loved it.

Another thing that Daniel does that sets him apart from the other photographers I have seen at other events, and ones I got quotes from for our reception, is that he does these amazing panoramic pictures with everyone at your event. Through an incredible stroke of luck we were able to get all of our guests outside and lined up for the photo in between the usual rain we get on Halloween in Seattle. He took the picture in complete darkness and shot it in black and white. It is the singular most spectacular picture from our event everyone dressed up, and smiling with their masks on. It is brilliant! The surprise for us was when Daniel hand delivered both our dvds of all the pictures and the panoramic picture. The panoramic photo is HUGE! It will be an incredible piece of art to hang in our home once we get it framed, and a beautiful memory of our special day.

I really cant say enough good things about Daniel s work or his professionalism. We will definitely call on Daniel again to shoot our life’s most precious moments he is the only one we will call. He is very easy going, has a great sense of humor and is very easy to be around. My husband and I would highly recommend Daniel Sheehan to everyone.”
Annette and Monte

“Daniel’s photography does an amazing job of capturing both the reality, true nature, feeling & story of an event or person, but also does so with artistic appeal and images that are simply compelling to look at. I’ve enjoyed all of Daniel’s photography, covering a wide range of subject areas, but the most important to me (us) is our wedding album. It captured the event so perfectly – for that it is a treasured keepsake for us – but the images are so beautiful and interesting that it has always been worth showing to others as a work of art. Dan is great to work with, too. That’s why we’ve remained friends to this day, after we first met him under business circumstances.”

“Daniel Sheehan’s photography isn’t just journalistic, it’s novelistic. He seems uniquely gifted with the ability to capture character, personality, and relationship in one telling shot. So, while my memory of our wedding day is of a beautiful blur, when I look at our photographs– from the reunion of old friends at the reception to the ringbearer sprinting down the aisle– it’s like reliving it. We have photographs that don’t simply record who was there and what we all wore, but that tell the entire story of the evening from beginning to end. And the panoramic shot is both gorgeous and entertaining– like a Where’s Waldo of your entire community. Soon enough, all of our friends will have one; everyone who sees our photographs wants to hire Daniel for their own wedding!”
Suzanne Morrison

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