The Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle was the scene for the DNA wedding of Dee Duangdao and Allen Wang  had their wedding on August 12th at the Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle.

Seattle was their location of choice for a wedding because family members were close and would not have to travel down to San Diego where they live  Dee and Allen  are both doctors but they know how to have fun and enjoy themselves. This can be easily seen in their jump picture above as well as throughout the day. Even their friends got into the spirit by decorating their wedding bed. Go to the end of the slideshow below. It is also evident from watching them for the day how much in love these two are. The terrace on the 4th floor of the Hotel 1000 was a wonderful place for a wedding ceremony on a very warm and sunny day.  It feels like an outside terrace, but the direct bright sun could be closed off when needed by the roof louvers.

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