Country Style Wedding at the Red Barn Studios

Last Saturday I had the privilege of shooting Sarah and Mat’s beautiful wedding at Red Barn Studios along with Laurie Dix and Monica Frisell. It was such a beautiful day. The weather was fine, slightly overcast,  just great for pictures outdoors. The wedding celebration was filled with joy and lots of love and dancing. Krista Herman of Wishes Wedding & Event Planning and her staff was wonderful in putting it all together. Everything went smoothly.

We are just beginning to get through all of the images, but to tide you over, here are a few quick pics of what will be coming. Shot some of the new Kodak Porta and really like the look of this new film. Above Sarah and Mat. (Kodak Porta shot with my Hassleblad 2000F and Planar F Carl Zeiss 110/2.0 110mm f/2 T*)  Congratulations Mat and Sarah.






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