Skansonia Wedding of Kelly and Shaun

Kelly and Shaun were one of the most fun couples I have photographed for a while and it was a hoot to watch them together. They were married in March aboard The historic MV Skansonia on the north shore of Lake Union and are so very much in love. A selection below are some highlights from their wedding on the MV Skansonia one of my favorite wedding venues.

Seattle photographer as bride gets ready

bride gets ready for seattle photographer at wedding

Seattle wedding photographer shoots the groom with rings

Skansonia Wedding by a Seattle wedding photographer

wedding photographer Seattle  captures brides laugh

Wedding kiss by Seattle wedding photographer

wedding cake being cut photographed by seattle wedding photographer

bride and groom kiss on dance floor at Seattle wedding at the Skansonia

wedding cake bride and groom by Seattle wedding photographer

kids sleeping at Seattle wedding on Skansonia

wedding photographer captures moment on dance floor with bride and groom
Wedding photographer at a Skansonia Wedding

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