Ann Krembs and Mark Casey were on Safari in Africa when they met. Mark saved Ann from a charging rhino and they returned to Seattle and were married on July 17th at DeLille Cellars, one of my favorite place for an outdoor wedding. Ann’s sons Conor, 9 and Seamus,7,  were on hand and had important roles in the wedding ceremony. I loved the intermixing of the different colored sands. The grounds there are amazing with the sheep grazing and the beautiful pond with a peninsular jutting out where their ceremony took place.
Actually they really met online not on an African safari, but it made a good story when they first told it. Rain threatened to spoil the day (which was so common this summer) but it did not deter Ann and Mark from making a commitment to go ahead and hold their ceremony outside at DeLille Cellars since the garden and landscaping was why they choose it for their wedding. The food and service was outstanding and was provided by Landau’s Catering and Events.

Here are some highlights of their day.

To go back and see the pictures I previously posted on my other blog previewing these wedding images click on DeLille Cellars Wedding of Ann & Mark,

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