Cutting Garden Wedding, Sequim, WA

Angela Williamson and Robin Aijian were married on a day when the sun was hidden behind the clouds over the Olympics for most of the day with rain threatening even though Sequim is know to be in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains and get less rain than almost any other community in the Puget Sound area. The Cutting Garden in Sequim was the amazing setting for the wedding of this beautiful couple.

It did not rain and finally the sun burned through the grey and showered us with glorious light. Robin’s uncle performed the wedding ceremony and included the story of how they got together. Here is the short version. Although Angela and Robin attended University of Puget Sound together for all four years, and had several mutual acquaintances, they never met while in college. It was not until Angela was in graduate school for physical therapy, and Robin had returned to the northwest after his Fulbright year in Germany that they met.

They first met when Angela was invited to a party at Robin’s house by a friend who knew Robin’s housemates. She was interested in Robin, and Angela ended up getting asked out by Robin’s housemate, Joe (groomsman). Joe (Robin’s housemate and good friend) and Angela dated briefly and during that time, and Angela and Robin got to know one another. After Angela and Joe stopped seeing each other, Angela and Robin began running into each other at the grocery store and other places around town.

After bumping in to each other a couple times, they decided to go hang out at a basketball game and then another time we met for a movie. They slowly started spending more and more time together and then he asked her on a “real date”. They went to a very nice Thai restaurant in downtown Tacoma. She says: “he called ahead and got us a table at the pond/fountain they have in the restaurant (you are sitting right next to the water). It was one of the most romantic and thoughtful dates I have ever had.”

It was a storybook wedding day in a delightful location and having the sun pop out at end of it and the moon high over their getaway car was a nice ending touch. Here are some pictures of the highlights and a slideshow below.

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