Wedding Photography of Christina & Jim at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park

Christina Koons and Jim McIntire late in the evening of their wedding on August 8th, take a breather to cool off at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park. The red sculpture off in the distance is Alexander Calder’s “Eagle,” a 39-foot-tall sculpture from 1974 in bright red painted steel.  A large ship cruises by on the calm waters of Puget Sound off behind them. Christina and Jim had a calm about them that I noticed the first day we met. It was very apparent on meeting them that they are very much in love. They acted like they know exactly what they want and were planning their wedding exactly like they wanted it. One of the most important was the they and all of their guest have fun. And on their day there was no frenzy or worries. Everything went off as planned without a hitch. Here are some of the pictures highlighting their day and all of the fun they had.

Jim Picked up Christina at the Four Seasons Hotel where she was getting ready for the wedding.

The shoes of the bride on the floor of her suite.

Christina and Jim on the terrace of the PACCAR Pavilion just before we went in the Sculpture Park for some photographs. The chairs were being set up on the lowest level of the Bill and Melinda Gates Amphitheater in the background where the ceremony was to take place. It was kind of touch and go as many weekends this past summer were, between being a fine day for an outdoor wedding and having plan “B” polished off and ready to go at a moments notice.  Plan “B” at the Olympic Sculpture Park is not so shabby since the PACCAR Pavilion is filled with light from the floor to ceiling windows and I believe even on a rainy day it would be a fine space for a wedding. As it came to pass, the major storm system traversed to the north of the city as we watched the dark clouds pass by and not a drop of rain fell on their Sculpture Park wedding.

So instead of needing these umbrellas for rain, they were almost need to keep off the sunshine. Jim and his daughter and sons. Both Christina and Jim were married previously and has significant roles in the ceremony.

Below was right after we made some family portraits with the sculpture “Wake” (2002-3), 10 wavelike steel plates by Richard Serra, which evokes the ripples of Puget Sound off to the left.

Just before the start of the ceremony, Jim and Christina kiss while hidden inside the PACCAR Pavilion.

Christina’s son walked her down the aisle at the bottom of the steps of the Bill and Melinda Gates Amphitheater.

Jim and Christine walk down the aisle and up the steps at the end of the ceremony. Below a waiter for TASTE holds a tray of glasses of champaign  and waits for thirsty wedding guests to arrive on the terrace.  The reception was catered by TASTE and as usual the food was memorable and sublime.

Jim and Christina had a receiving lie at the top of the steps and after the guests passed through they relaxed to the sounds of live jazz from the orchestra of Freddy Pink.

The preparations for the dinner were almost complete just before they opened the doors to the PACCAR Pavilion. The band was getting ready to perform as well. All of the elegant and beautiful details and decorations were overseen by Jacky Grotle of event and wedding planner extraordinaire Event Success and the flowers were provided by the fantastic Seattle florist Nisha Kelen of Fleurish. Her dedication and passion is amazing. She arrived as we started to to the family portraits and she returned at the end of the evening to pack up late into the night.

The bride and groom enjoy their wonderful wedding cake by Decadence Custom Cakes. Bowls of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries surrounded the cake and went great on top of my slice.

Christina and Jim felt so good that they did their first dance to James Brown‘s classic hit “I Got You

Jim’s daughter and sons danced together but not without some tie pulling.

Christina and Jim share an ice cream cone. A wonderful surprise was the late evening appearance of the ice cream truck of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. It was a big hit with Christina and Jim and all of their guests. The hard part was choosing which of their delicious home made flavors.

Jim and Christina danced right up to the last song done by the full orchestra of Freddy Pink who was singing on stage above.

Below is a mini-slide show with these and some more highlights from Christina and Jim’s wedding, check it out. Click on “Pictures” at top right to hide the thumbnails; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.[smooth=id:28]

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