Seattle Wedding Photography of Meg and Ryan at Their Colman Park Wedding

A sign at the entrance to Colman Park in Seattle and the basket of flowers held by the flower girl.

Meg Anderson and Ryan Johnston were married on July 31st, and what a beautiful day it was. Their families and friends all gathered on the west shore of Lake Washington for the wedding ceremony which took place under a very tall tree by the water’s edge.

Colman Park was a great location for a warm day as the temperature was cooler near Lake Washington and the view of Mount Rainier made for a wonderful backdrop. It turned out not to have been too hot and it did not rain either, just a comfortable and beautiful day for a wedding. Here are some selected highlights from their day. At the bottom is a mini gallery of  40 pictures fro the celebration.

The reception was held at Megs family home in Bellevue and off in the far right a pizza oven was brought in for everyone to have fresh bake pizza.

Meg and Ryan danced late into the night as did many of their guests.

I will post a look at their wedding panorama later on this week when it is finished being scanned.

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