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The PACCAR Pavilion and the Bill and Melinda Gates Amphitheatre of the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park below, was the setting for Annie Livingston & David Bowermaster’s Wedding Celebration on April 24th. Although there were predictions of a rain storm for the day, it seems the heavy weather blew past north of Seattle and we had a beautiful sunny day with just some occasional gusts of wind.

David and Annie got ready at the Edgewater Hotel which is just down the hill from the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Annie’s Dress in hanging in the window of her room, The Beatles Suite at the Edgewater Hotel.

The First Look at the Edgewater Hotel.

Back at the Olympic Sculpture Park the tables were set and ready for the reception.

Annie and DavidĀ go over the vows at the top of the Paccar Pavillion.

Heading for the start of the ceremony, David and his parents descend the steps into the Bill and Melinda Gates Amphitheatre. Richard Serras “WAKE” is in the background.

David watches as Annie descends the steps.

Annie and her parents come into view.

The ceremony

The light at sunset was beautiful and we took advantage to make some pictures with some sculptures, here the Alexander Calder

And here the Richard Serra

The toasts and the breaking of a glass.

After the end of the reception, Annie and David walked back to the Edgewater Hotel.

Seattle Wedding Photography by Daniel Sheehan, a Seattle photographer who specializes in people and portraits and travels everywhere to shoot weddings in a photojournalist style that is real, straightforward, subtle and unobtrusive and was named among the best Seattle wedding photographers by the Wedding Photojournalists Association.

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