Wedding Photography At The Seattle Space Needle | Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Sugar Magno and Chris Olivar were married on a Friday night in August at The Seattle Space Needle. It was a wonderful evening on a very special date at a Seattle landmark high above Seattle Center, the location of the World’s Fair in 1962. The Space Needle is 605 feet high and when it was completed it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River. The wedding was at the Skyline level but after the ceremony we went up the the observation deck at the top for some photographs.

Reminding me of the popular recent book by author and journalist Stieg Larsson “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, Sugar arrived with her beautiful dress ready to slip on which she did with the help of her mom.

The flowers including the bouquet were orchids.

Her Dad and Mom walked her down the aisle.

It was beautiful and intimate ceremony up there at the top of the Space Needle as the sun was starting to set.

This was the largest of the 5 wedding cakes and they were topped with orchids flown in from Hawaii, which is where Sugar and Chris went for their honeymoon.

Sugar and Chris cut the cake which tasted as wonderful as it looks.

Every table was decorated with a bowl of orchids.

Chris and Sugar were toasted by friends and family as they awaited dinner.

The cut of the dress really showed off Sugar’s dragon tattoo. Later on they had a dollar dance and which was as much fun photographing as it was for the family and friends attaching bills to the wedding couple as they danced to the music of the Pacific Islands. The band was fantastic and people danced through the evening.

Sugar and Chris up on top of the observation deck with the city behind them as the sun drops behind the Olympic Mountains. Seattle wedding photography by Daniel Sheehan, a Seattle photographer who specializes in people and portraits and weddings in an artistic and unobtrusive photojournalist style. Named best Seattle wedding photographer by the WPJA.

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