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Jody and Mike at WAKE, in the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park.

Although Michael Zawacki and Judith Sanders were married at St. Benedict Church in Wallingford, in September and had their wedding reception at the Edgewater Hotel, we and their entire wedding party took a limo down to the Olympic Sculpture Park to make some bridal portraits and and photos of the wedding party using the sculptures fro a background. The photo above was one of my favorite wedding pictures from last year. The light was very nice just before sunset. It had been raining earlier but we had the usual sun breaks at just the right time for pictures. I have always loved the sculptures of Richard Serra the piece of his they have there, WAKE is one of my favorites. Wake, 2004, consists of 10 plates, 5 sets of locked toroid forms made of weatherproof steel. Back in the days when I was on staff at New York Newsday in the 1990’s, I was assigned to photograph Richard at the Museum of Modern Art and found him to be a wonderful person as well as an artist. There was an installation there that was interesting but I think seeing WAKE out in the open, under Seattle skies, it surpasses that presentation.
Anyway I made a number of portraits of Jody and Mike and the wedding party around WAKE and then we were breaking up and moving on to another location in the Garden when I noticed Jody and Mike stealing a kiss. Everyone one else appears in their own world by they are together in one of their own.
It was a great moment and seems like a good example of a wedding photograph that tells the story of their day in one moment. I had a call recently asking me if I had shot a wedding there so I wanted to put these up to show them off. Here are some of the other photos from our photo session at the park.




Wedding photography by Seattle wedding photographer Daniel Sheehan, a Seattle photographer who specializes in people and portraits and travels everywhere to shoot weddings in a photojournalist style that is real, straightforward, subtle and unobtrusive. Daniel was named among the best wedding photographers by the Wedding Photojournalists Association.

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