Baby Picture | Walter at Three Months

A Bella Baby Picture – Walter @ 3 Months –

Even though I am not a full time professional baby photographer, I had to make a portrait of Walter, the first born child of good friends Laurie and Jason Dix whose wedding I photographed a couple of years ago. As a professional photographer in addition to corporate and editorial assignment I also do a fair amount of portrait photography and nothing is more fulfilling than a portrait photography session with a baby.
What a fun and interesting portrait session with baby Walter. He has a great personality which was so apparent but surprising at such an early age. Laurie, your son was such a fun subject to photograph and what could be more cool than be born with a mohawk haircut. I also really enjoyed the new baby smell of a 3 month old. I had almost forgotten what it smelled like. Photograph by Seattle Photographer Daniel Sheehan specializing in photojournalism, portraits and photography for publications and corporations, and photojournalistic Seattle wedding photography.

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  1. Daniel, What an amazing shot! Walter, looks as if he has 75 years of life experience behind those eyes…unbelievable emotion for such a little guy. Don’t dismiss babies, you’ve got a gift! Cheers! Rob

  2. Lindsay says:

    Hi Daniel. What a great photo.
    I recently saw this image in an advertisement in the tube (London Underground -south Kensington station) and the ad had a clever phrase on it. I wanted to source the poster as I can’t remember what it was advertising. Can you tell me what company is using this image in their ad posters? It’s great.

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